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Retracing the footsteps of the Vikings, sailing up and down Norwegian fjords, admiring the panoramic landscapes of Ireland and Scotland, visiting beautiful Saint Petersburg, experiencing the charm of the Hebrides or the Shetland Islands whilst whale watching… On a cruise to Northern Europe or Scandinavia, learn the history of the old continent and experience a complete and total change of scenery against the splendour of invigorating natural sites and exceptional wildlife.


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Why visit Northern Europe and Scandinavia? With their culture, extraordinary landscapes and legendary or little-known islands, these are first-class destinations for travellers looking for urban adventures or to explore nature.

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Must-Sees - Northern Europe and Scandinavia

Norwegian fjords, Baltic capitals, the treasures of Ireland, Scotland and England. From unique cultures to stunning nature, here are the unmissable experiences available to you on a Northern Europe cruise.

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