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Discover Lewis, the largest island of the Hebrides, considered to be the cradle of Gaelic culture. Here, the peat- and heather- covered valleys and lochs stretch on to infinity, and numerous bird colonies have taken up residence in the long, jagged coastlines where. Not far from Stornoway, the island’s main town, built by the Vikings in the 9th century stands one of Scotland’s most prominent prehistoric sites: The Standing Stones of Callanish. Dating back to more than 3,000 years B.C., these imposing stones placed in a cruciform pattern were laid out according to the moon and stars and their main purpose was to keep track of seasonal cycles, as this was essential for farmers at the time.

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Dublin - Edinburgh, Scotland
7 nights on board
4/5/2024 to the 11/5/2024
Rosyth (Edinburgh), Scotland - Glasgow, Scotland
7 nights on board
10/5/2024 to the 17/5/2024

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