Our ambitions

Conservation and restoration

The oceans cover nearly 70% of the earth's surface, provide over 50% of the oxygen we breathe and absorb over 30% of CO2 emissions. Helping to conserve this extraordinary environment is one of our priorities.

Innovation and awareness

All around the world, we support NGOs, researchers, businesses, and local institutions that are developing and sharing innovative solutions.

Taking action for people

Art and culture bring different peoples together. This is why the PONANT Foundation is committed to promoting, safeguarding and enriching cultural heritage.

Projects supported by the Foundation

Conservation and restoration

Protecting the world's largest lagoon

New Caledonia

With Conservation International


Conservation and restoration

Supporting the guardians of the oceans


With Blue Nature Alliance


Conservation and restoration

Reforesting the Amazon


With Conservation International


Conservation and restoration

Cleaning-up the Aldabra coral archipelago

The Seychelles

With Oxford University


Conservation and restoration

Safeguarding Subantarctic ecosystems

Macquarie Island, Australia

With the Macquarie Island Conservation Foundation


Innovation and awareness

Understanding and protecting humpback whales

The Antarctic

With Conservation International


Innovation and awareness

Combating plastic pollution


With Plastic Odyssey


Innovation and awareness

Protecting the Mediterranean coastline


With the City of Marseille


Innovation and awareness

Promoting innovation that benefits marine biodiversity


With Pure Ocean


Taking action for people

Promoting access to education

Bissagos Islands, Guinea-Bissau

With the ESCAMA Foundation


Taking action for people

Spreading the wisdom of the peoples of the sea


With Conservation International


Taking action for people

Supporting access to healthcare


With the Garrahan Foundation


Taking action for people

Combining culture with eco-responsibility

Ushuaia, Argentina

With the Tierra del Fuego Alliance Française


Our partners

Conservation International

Conservation International is an NGO, recognised for its expertise and commitment to restoring ecosystems and developing local populations.

Blue Nature Alliance

The Blue Nature Alliance is a group of international partners working together with governments, NGOs, indigenous peoples, and scientists to improve ocean conservation.


The Escama Foundation supports the development of the Bissagos archipelago (Guinea-Bissau) across three main areas: education, health, and communities.


The Garrahan Foundation works to improve the health of children and teenagers in Argentina by training the teams involved, funding medical equipment, and providing accommodation for families.

Ville de Marseille

The City of Marseille is committed to protecting its maritime coastline through a range of public awareness-raising initiatives such as beach clean-ups and environmental education centres.

Project selection criteria


Taking action to conserve the oceans and preserve the cultural heritage of coastal indigenous communities.


Demonstrating creativity, not just technology but also in terms of devising new types of conservation measures and attracting public support.


Focusing on collaboration and working together with others for mutual benefit.


Involving the scientific community to fuel research and ensure the relevance of actions taken.


Raising public awareness of the fragility of the environment and encouraging people to adopt behaviours that treat both nature and peoples with respect.

PONANT staff and employees get involved

Encounters rich in meaning

Every year, PONANT employees have the opportunity to get involved by taking part on the ground in projects supported by the Foundation, such as schooling and education in the Bissagos archipelago (Guinea-Bissau) and environmental conservation in New Caledonia. They enjoy richly meaningful interaction and exchange with local communities.

A call to staff and employees for projects

Every year, the PONANT Foundation invites staff and employees to submit a request for support for an organisation or project close to their hearts. Preservation of marine biodiversity, improvement of maritime heritage - all suggested projects in line with the Foundation's missions are considered and evaluated.

Raising awareness of environmental issues

Individual initiatives to raise awareness of environmental issues – such as beach clean-ups in the Marseille region, where the company's head office is located – are carried out in conjunction with local organisations throughout the year.

Supporting the PONANT Foundation

If you would like to contribute to practical, real-world projects aimed at conserving the oceans and polar regions and encouraging social action among indigenous peoples, please visit our dedicated page.