Snowy forests, icy shores, the polar light, starry skies of incredible clarity, the aurora borealis, the magic of Christmas, twilight landscapes... Le Commandant Charcot has the most beautiful stories to tell you in winter 2024-2025. The Norwegian fjords, the Lofoten archipelago, North Cape, Spitsbergen, the St. Lawrence River, the Baltic Sea, Finland, the Gulf of Bothnia… This region offers so many extraordinary landscapes to cherish and admire, with authentic encounters with people who continue to keep an ancient way of life alive.

Discover these new voyages and the complete range of unprecedented experiences devised specially to provide an immersive experience of the unique atmosphere of the boreal winter.

Greetings to the polar night in Norway

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of winter in Norway. Night begins to set in and the final hours of the sun's rays paint a breathtakingly stunning tableau of light. Le Commandant Charcot sets course for the Arctic Circle, seeking out the islands of Lofoten – bathed in the final glow of autumn – and revealing to you the wild beauty of Spitsbergen's snow-capped mountains and majestic fjords. All around, nature reigns in her majesty, defining the rhythm of the daily lives of the communities that are adapted to it, such as the Sami, who have been herding reindeer in Lapland for centuries. Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to see the aurora borealis with them. Experience moments of intense magic on board a ship that has adopted the Norwegian concept of “frilutsliv," that sense of a benevolent connection to nature that will lull and soothe you throughout this voyage.

An impromptu encounter with the Northern Lights

The snow-covered landscapes of Spitsbergen

Up close and personal with the immensity of the icy Arctic Ocean

The frosty beauty of the Lofoten Islands

Sami culture and traditions

The magic of winter on the Baltic Sea

The sparkling waters of the Baltic Sea are an invitation to live a uniquely singular and unforgettable experience at the heart of winter. Away from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism, make the most of the start of the magical Christmas season by exploring Stockholm, Tallin or Riga, and embrace authentic, unforgettable moments that will awaken your inner child. The cobbled streets and their soft lighting, the traditional markets vibrant with colourful stalls and delicious aromas: it's time to celebrate the winter solstice, Saint Lucia and Christmas. An atmosphere of celebration and sharing based on local customs and traditions reigns. Back on board Le Commandant Charcot, you glide across the Baltic Sea after a magical night looking out on Stockholm's Old Town. Islands dotted with colourful houses take shape on the horizon, and the placid waters reflect a starry sky of a rare clarity. This is a real winter fairytale being written here!

A magical extravaganza of lights in Helsinki

Christmas markets and sweet treats

When Riga sparkles

Cocooning and sharing

The luminous beauty of Tallinn

There is no other place where you can feel the cold with as much warmth

A Saguenay proverb

The magical wonder of Scandinavia in the Gulf of Bothnia

Experience the magic of the festive season on an immersive voyage at the gateway to the Arctic that will delight young and old alike; a journey of enchanting landscapes, illuminated cities, little-known archipelagos, snow-capped peaks, and taiga forest.
This is a unique experience, which invites you to take the time to immerse yourself in the uniquely distinctive feel and atmosphere of Scandinavian culture and Lapland in winter… The long stopovers at ports of call give you time to not only explore but also to attend concerts on shore in the evenings. And the arrival of the snow further north in Lulea, Kemi or Oulu brings a sparkle of childlike joy to the eyes. Hiking; snowshoeing or dog-sledding tours; visiting Santa's village… Step aboard Le Commandant Charcot with your family, friends or loved ones to celebrate not only Christmas and the New Year together but also the hospitality and beauty of charmingly enchanting shores… let the magic work its effect.

Poetic polar charm at the heart of the Finnish forest

Thousand-year-old ties between man and reindeer in Lapland

Stockholm, festive and gourmet

Snowy rides

A symphony of lights from archipelago to archipelago

The charm of Quebec's icy St. Lawrence River

For the first time ever, Le Commandant Charcot sails through the ice of the St. Lawrence River, a region inaccessible to conventional ships at this time of year. On this legendary river nicknamed "the path that walks" by the local indigenous people, exploration takes on its full meaning. On the cultural side, there is the warm friendliness of the lively winter festivals and carnivals to enjoy, such as the one held in Quebec City. Get the chance to meet the Innu people, who will share with you their legends and their way of life adapted to the extreme conditions. In terms of nature and the natural environment, there is the majestic boreal forest, adorned in its coat of white and stretching as far as the eye can see. Discover the beauty of the winter light and fully absorb and breathe in this wilderness through immersive experiences such as snowshoe trekking, kayaking, horse skijoring, dog sled tours and ice fishing in Saguenay Fjord … Succumb to the charming sense of hospitality of the inhabitants of "La Belle Province" and – weather permitting – the celestial spectacle of the aurora borealis, which will add a touch of magic to your voyage.

Behind the scenes, our teams tell you all about the extraordinary scouting that went into making this unique trip possible.

Time for contemplation along the St. Lawrence River

Ice fishing in the Saguenay River

Boreal forest as far as the eye can see

Winter lights

Following in the traces of our Innu ancestors in Sept-Îles

Embark on board Le Commandant Charcot, the only PONANT ship able to offer you the exclusive moments of winter sailing in the far north, in the Gulf of Bothnia, in the Baltic Sea, or along the St. Lawrence River, where the people of Canada await us with open arms.

Captain Marchesseau

Le Commandant Charcot, a pioneering ship

Le Commandant Charcot is the first ever hybrid-electric extreme polar exploration ship powered by LNG (Liquified Natural Gas). This major innovation symbolises PONANT's commitment to a more sustainable form of tourism. A ship of scientific opportunity, Le Commandant Charcot is also the only cruise ship in the world to host researchers on board, with special work areas set aside specifically for their use.

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