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Classical dance teacher

Yann Saïz

Yann Saïz

Yann Saïz, a Sujet from the Paris Opera Ballet Company and teacher at the Paris Opera Ballet School, was born 1973 in Annecy. Having started dancing in his home town, in 1984 he joined the Paris Opera Ballet School where he distinguished himself very quickly. In 1992, he joined Paris Opera’s corps de ballet rising to become a Coryphée in 1994 then Sujet in 1996 and received the AROP prize in 1999.

During his career he has performed memorable roles for the Paris Opera in renowned works such as Signes by Carolyn Carlson and Sylvia by John Neumeier. He shines in classic roles such as Frantz in Coppélia and Phoebus in Notre Dame de Paris, while exploring contemporary works like Roland Petit’s Passacaille.

After leaving the company in 2015, Yann Saïz continues to delight audiences at galas and prestigious collaborations, proof of his lasting influence in the dance world. His filmography includes roles in dance documentaries while his own choreographic pieces such as Thaïs and I'll Be Seeing You demonstrate his creativity and talent.

As a teacher, Yann passes on his knowledge and passion to the new generation, perpetuating his legacy in the classical ballet world. His career illustrates his dedication to the art of dance and undeniable impact on the international artistic scene.

Language spoken: French


Photo crédit: Jean-Louis Saïz

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