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Patrice Leconte

Patrice Leconte

In about thirty films, Patrice Leconte has never stopped surprising us and amusing himself, while dealing with every film genre and inventing for himself a place quite apart in the French cinema landscape. An eclectic filmmaker, he has directed popular comedies and action films now cult movies (Les Bronzés, Les Bronzés font du ski, Les Spécialistes), elegant and scathing comedies (Tandem, Ridicule for which he was awarded the César of best film director), unforgettable films noirs (Monsieur Hire, The Widow of Saint Pierre), unexpected encounters (Intimate Strangers, Man on the Train), and unique films full of fantasy, daring, freedom and poetry (The Hairdresser’s Husband, Girl on the Bridge). And even an animated film (The Suicide Shop) …

An excellent actors’ director he has made films with some of the biggest names : Fanny Ardant, Juliette Binoche, Sandrine Bonnaire, Vanessa Paradis, Jean Rochefort, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Philippe Noiret, Alain Delon, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Daniel Auteuil, Christian Clavier, Gérard Jugnot, Fabrice Lucchini, Michel Blanc, Johnny Hallyday… Curious and passionate, he is also a very good storyteller who easily shares his experiences and crushes.

Language spoken: French


Photo credit: Claire Garate