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Gilles Blandin

Gilles Blandin

Having been a jazz and piano lover since his childhood, Gilles Blandin started his career in Paris, where he learnt from various masters, among which Claude Bolling and Aaron Bridgers (who was taught by Art Tatum and was one of Duke Ellington’s closest friends).

In 1988, he settled in Brittany, his native region, where he became the ambassador of Jazz Swing, and, in parallel, the French representative and specialist of Blues and Boogie-Woogie.

Either playing as a solo player or together with some fellow musicans, his vitality, the skillfullness of his piano playing, the great inspiration of his personal compositions, and the eclectic quality of his repertoire, all play essential parts in the success of his performances.

Language spoken : français


Photo credit : Christian Delamaire

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