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Ghislain Bardout

Ghislain Bardout

Having always been inspired by the great outdoors, in particular by polar regions, mountains and the ocean’s depth, with an affinity for science materialised by engineering studies in EPFL (Polytechnique school in Lausanne, Switzerland), he takes the plunge in 2006 into exploration at Jean-Louis Etienne’s side. As an avid underwater cameraman, carried by a strong curiosity and concerned by human impact on the planet, he conceives the first Under The Pole expedition in 2007, to explore the icefield of the North Pole’s region from the ocean’s side. Over 16 years and 4 large programs as head of Under The Pole, he has led together with his wife Emmanuelle dozen of expeditions and spent many years on the field throughout seasons, mostly in the Arctic, in Greenland, Spitsbergen, Canada and Alaska. Thus, he has acquired an advanced expertise in polar expeditions, in deep and polar scientific diving and brought structure and development to Under The Pole’s missions, focused on scientific discovery and raising awareness. Since 2021 and under the frame of the United Nations decade for the Oceans (2021-2030), he co-leads the Under The Pole IV - DeepLife program dedicated to study and conservation of coastal deep ecosystems (30-200 m).

Languages spoken: French and English.


Photo credit: ARR

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