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Charlie Plummer

Charlie Plummer

Charlie Plummer is a dynamic force in the wine industry, boasting a diverse background that spans sales, marketing, hospitality, and a deep-rooted passion for wine. Beginning in the vibrant Hawaii restaurant scene and wholesale distribution, Charlie’s journey evolved into an influential career as an educator, brand developer, and leading figure in winery operations.

His pivotal role during the early days at Kona Brewing Company saw him spearheading innovative strategies that propelled the brand from a local microbrewery to a renowned West Coast craft beer. His career  path led him to family-owned wineries like Sebastiani, where he navigated through mergers and acquisitions with Constellation Brands and Beam Global Wine & Spirits, contributing significantly to their success.

Driven by a desire to share expertise and mentor the next generation of great wine thinkers, Charlie made impactful contributions to esteemed establishments ; A passionate advocate for knowledge, sharing, and mentorship, Charlie's influence expanded through advisory roles for restaurant associations, college culinary programs, and his involvement with Operation Homefront. His dedication extended to hosting The Golden Foodie Awards ‘Chef Series’ for over 5 years, spotlighting Southern California's most talented chefs.

Currently based in Napa County, California, Charlie holds the position of Director of Sales, Marketing, and Hospitality at DANA Estates, a  prestigious limited-production Napa Valley luxury winery. Charlie remains dedicated to fostering excellence in the wine industry and supporting community initiatives while advocating for sustainable practices in the heart of wine country.

Language spoken: English

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