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Anne-Sophie Pic

Anne-Sophie Pic

Heir and self-made, Anne-Sophie Pic is the chef of the Maison Pic in Valence, one of the only women to hold 3 Michelin stars in France. For three generations, the family house has been located on the Nationale 7.

It is also the story of a couple that she has formed with David Sinapian for over 30 years. With her in the kitchen and David Sinapian at the head of the company, they opened in 8 locations around the world.

Her creativity? Unique combinations of flavors. She is constantly exploring less conventional tastes such as bitter, acidic, fermented, iodized, roasted, and smoked... in order to tame their often dominanting flavours (?).

Her philosophy? Impregnation, this thought offers the possibility for the aromas of the products to blossom, to coat them with other aromas or flavors, by the means of infusion, steaming, smoking or marinating. Impregnation is the opposite of altering the product with another aroma. The products meet each other in depth, enhancing the aromas’ richness and flavors’ deepness.


Anne Sophie Pic is the most starred female chef in the world with 10 stars for her restaurants in Valence*** | Paris* | Megève* | Lausanne** | London** | Singapore*.

Languages spoken: French, English


Photo credit: Kalel Koven