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Much more than simply a bridge between the Northern and Southern parts of a diverse, multifaceted continent, Central America has its own riches to unveil to the visitor. From the remains of the Maya civilisation on the Yucatán Peninsula to Belize and Guatemala extends a dense blanket of vegetation unlike anything else in the world.


Central America's colonial past, evident in the architecture of many of the towns and cities, also finds its echo in certain international-scale constructions in the region. Thus the transit of the Panama Canal continues to be one of the major attractions of a cruise to Central America.

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Why go on a Central American cruise?

There's something for everyone in Central America! History buffs will never be bored. There are plenty of activities for diving and nature lovers. Travellers in search of relaxation and dream beaches need look no further. Still not convinced? We have detailed three reasons why you should opt for a Central American cruise.

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Must-sees on your Central American cruise

At sea or on dry land, there are so many unmissable sights in Central America. Here are ten iconic places to see during your Central American cruise.

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