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At the crossroads of civilisations, the capital of Tunisia is rich in cultural discoveries. The ruins of Ancient Carthage, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and particularly well preserved, testify to the splendour of this city that was once Rome’s great rival. The hill of Byrsa, the former fortified citadel of the Phoenician port and one of the presumed burial places of Saint Louis who died there during the Eighth Crusade, offers spectacular views over the Gulf of Tunis. In the Bardo National Museum, you will be able to admire one of the world’s finest Roman mosaic collections, including the magnificent portrait of the poet Virgil.

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Málaga - Valletta
7 nights on board
2/5/2024 to the 9/5/2024
Valletta - Valletta
8 nights on board
29/8/2025 to the 6/9/2025
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