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Cruises visiting Kiriwina Island (Papua New Guinea)

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Kiriwina is the largest of the Trobriand Islands and is home to the district capital Losuia. It is a picture postcard island surrounded by turquoise warm tropical waters home to coral reefs teeming with life. Like the rest of the Trobriand Islands, culture and tradition remain strong. Central to Trobriand culture is Kula, a traditional exchange system that spans more than 18 island communities. All Kula valuables are non-use items traded purely for purposes of enhancing one's social status and prestige. The exchanges establish strong, lifelong relationships between the exchange parties. You will bewelcomed ashore with a ceremony and cultural performances followed by the opportunity to witness traditional village life.

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Honiara, Guadalcanal Island - Cairns
Flight from Brisbane to Honiara + transfer to the port of Honiara
11 nights on board
29/10/2024 to the 9/11/2024

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