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On the edge of the Beaufort Sea, on the northeastern side of the Yukon, one of the three territories in the far north of Canada, you will sail near King Point. It was off its rocky coast edged with tundra that Roald Amundsen anchored with other whalers after crossing the legendary Northwest Passage aboard the Gjöa, and wintered from August 1905 to March 1906. One of his crewmen, Gustav Juel Wiik, a young engineer who died of respiratory problems, is buried inside the King Point magnetic observatory. If conditions are favourable, you might even catch a glimpse of the abundant wildlife in the area, including the polar bear.

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Kangerlussuaq - Nome, Alaska
Flight Paris/Kangerlussuaq + transfers + Flight Nome/Seattle
22 nights on board
28/8/2024 to the 19/9/2024

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