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Cruises visiting Ittoqqortoormiit Region (Greenland)

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On the East coast of Greenland, in the Ittoqqortoormiit region, you will have the rare opportunity of immersing yourself in the heart of isolated scenery and exploring the beauty of its landscapes. The high alpine mountains stand out in the sky, revealing dark rock edges. The region is home to the longest fjord system in the world, Scoresby Sound. On the edge of the fjord, the eponymous village is considered one of the most remote inhabited places in the world. The colourful houses, so typical of Greenland, dot the landscape with small red, yellow and blue patches that stand out against the surrounding arid landscape. Immersing yourself in this region will allow you to discover the ancestral way of life of the last hunters of the polar region. This will be a veritable deep-dive into the lives of the Arctic’s inhabitants.

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Reykjavík - Reykjavík
14 nights on board
11/6/2024 to the 25/6/2024
Other available dates
Reykjavík - Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen
Transfer + Flight Longyearbyen/Paris
16 nights on board
21/6/2025 to the 7/7/2025

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