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With a surface area of 14 million km², Antarctica is the world’s largest desert, nearly twice the size of the Sahara. Precipitation is very low, as in all deserts, less than 50 millimeters per year inland and 300 millimeters near the coast.

The temperature of the North Pole region, like everywhere else on Earth, changes depending on the time of year. July is the warmest month at the North Pole, with a maximum of 13 degrees Celsius. The temperature drops down to 40 degrees below zero in February.

The geographic North Pole is in the middle of an ocean of ice 2 to 3 meters thick and in constant motion. Beneath these huge ice floes floating on the surface of the Arctic Ocean lies the sea, 4000 meters below the surface. The Geographic North Pole is located in international waters. While it cannot be owned by any country, there’s a long history of nations that have tried to claim it over the years in one way or another.

Le Commandant Charcot

Join us aboard the world's first luxury polar exploration vessel. Le Commandant Charcot combines hybrid propulsion with liquefied natural gas (LNG) and electric generators.
Le Commandant Charcot has been designed to minimise the environmental impact of travel in the furthest latitudes.

Further into the Arctic Adventure

Discover the landscapes of the Arctic, whose primeval beauty evokes intense emotion. Observe exceptional wildlife in its natural habitat.

Experience Antarctica differently

Discover Antarctica, the ultimate sanctuary for wildlife and a fascinating world of force and beauty that will reveal itself in all of its splendour.

A gentle and respectful exploration

Glide on the clear waters or between the ice floes and get as close as possible to the immaculate nature of the poles.

An enriching scientific adventure

Discover a scientific adventure in the polar regions and contribute to improving the knowledge of biodiversity, marine mammals or glaciology.

Exceptional suites and staterooms

On board, there are 123 suites and staterooms, ranging in size from 20 to 115 m², and providing a warm, modern design that looks out onto the outside world. Each has a private balcony or terrace.

Soothing Moments

After a relaxing bath in the lagoon heated (by an energy recuperation system), settle down comfortably by the brazier and enjoy the delights of the polar landscapes while savouring one of the refined dishes from the bar's à la carte menu.

Relaxing times

After a moment of relaxation at the spa or the sauna, enjoy the beneficial effects of ice in the Snow Room. This unique space offers a real sensory journey.

Culinary discoveries

In the kitchen, the iconic Signature dishes of Alain Ducasse complete a menu specially designed by the Michelin-starred chef for Le Commandant Charcot. Fine gastronomy, a bistro-style menu and finger food can be enjoyed in the various restaurants and bars of the ship.

Le Commandant Charcot

*The reference to the “South Pole” is to the region, not the geographic point.